Specialty Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Specialty Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Selecting dog beds for large dogs seems like it should be such a simple task, but may not be as easy as you think for larger breeds.

 You go to your local pet store and pick out an over-sized bed that will give your dog some room to stretch out. Hopefully, you’ll have a few colors and patterns to select from, and you can always look online if options are limited at your local stores. You toss the bedding in your dog’s favorite sleeping room or perhaps pick up a few beds so that they can rest in the room of their choosing.

Task completed, right? Unfortunately, that’s only the beginning of the story for most owners of large dog breeds.

Why Do Large Dogs Need Specialty Beds?

Great Dane

Whether you have a Golden Retriever, a Lab, or a Great Dane, your dog has special needs. Your dog is heavier than most smaller dogs, so a low-quality bed is likely to flatten out rather quickly. This means that you have to constantly toss out flattened beds and buy new ones. Your dog doesn’t have the luxury of settling into one bed long term, and you waste more time and money than is necessary.

Specialty beds designed for larger dogs will hold up much longer, giving your dog the chance to adjust to one bed while you save money and time.

Larger dogs also have special needs when it comes to their joints and overall health. If your large dog has to twist into odd positions to fit into a bed that is too small, they’re more likely to suffer stiffness, aches, and pains than smaller dogs who can rest in more comfortable positions. Your dog won’t get the rest that they really need if their bed is too small, and they won’t have the comfortable, healthy life that they deserve.

Specialty dog beds for large dogs are designed with adequate surface space for big, heavy dogs. No twisting, turning, and folding required.

Finally, your dog deserves a bed that was designed for their size and weight. You should pick their bedding just as carefully as you select mattresses for the two-legged members of your family. If you pick the right bed, you won’t have to do it over and over for the life of your dog. It will hold up, and your dog will love you for the comfort and support that it provides.

How to Find Specialty Dog Beds for Large Dogs

If you look at local pet stores and can’t find specialty beds for big dogs, the internet will solve the problem. You’ll find a larger assortment of beds, since you can order products currently located at stores across the country. You may also find out about specialty big dog beds that sell exclusively online, which is often the case with products designed for niche markets.

There’s one more advantage to shopping for big dog beds online: You can read our reviews and recommendations first. This allows you to make an informed buying decision, selecting a bed that will support your dog and keep them cozy for months or even years to come. It also helps that these beds are delivered to your door, so you don’t have to drive from store to store looking for the perfect big-dog bed.

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