Portable Dog Beds that Large Dogs Love

Portable Dog Beds that Large Dogs Love

If you enjoy an active lifestyle and want to take your dog on your adventures, large portable dog beds are essential. 

These beds are lightweight and typically fold up so that they take up less space in your vehicle. They’re easy to carry from one place to another and are easy to set up once you arrive at your destination. Some even elevate your dog from the ground while others are designed to fit in the back of your van or SUV. What they all have in common is flexibility and portability.

Top Portable Dog Beds:

It’s difficult to find portable beds that can sustain the weight of large dogs in the long term and that bigger dogs find comfortable. To help you settle on a bed that will accommodate your dog and your lifestyle, we took the time to research some of the best portable dog beds on the market today.

  •  Kopeks Elevated Indoor Outdoor Portable Bed: You can buy this bed in extra-large, and it keeps your dog elevated for greater comfort. It may take up more space in a tent and is a bit heavier than some other options on this list, but it will also provide more support than most mattresses that rest on the ground. The bed features mesh inserts that allow adequate air circulation for the control of body heat.
  •  Carlson Pet Products Large Portable Pup Travel Pet Bed: Do you want to give your female dog a splash of personality? This raised bed comes in bright pink and weighs about seven pounds. It was designed for travel and is fast and easy to fold up and carry.
  • IMK9 Dog Car Travel Bed: This is a lightweight mat with a waterproof bottom designed to cover the back of a truck or SUV. It’s also suitable for your home, inside a tent, or any other situation that requires travel. When you’re ready to move, simply roll it up and pack it up. This isn’t the thickest dog mattress, but it’s affordable and versatile.
  • Mt. Bachelor Pad Portable Dog Bed: This durable dog bed rolls up into an easy-to-carry bundle and is made from microsuede with a waterproof bottom. It isn’t thick, but it’s easy to use and easy to carry. You may consider this type of mattress a topper for an elevated dog bed.
  • Portable Dog Bed Roll Up Pet Mat: Roll it up, and head out the door quickly. This is a thin mat designed just for travel. You can use it for comfort inside your dog’s crate, place it on top of an elevated dog bed, or simply place it on the floor for comfort. It may also cover couches and other furniture to prevent the accumulation of hair on your cushions.

You can also use some inflatable dog beds when traveling away from home. A mattress designed to turn your backseat into a bed may also work inside and outside of your vehicle. Many portable beds come in a variety of sizes and colors, so find something that matches the personality of your dog.


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