Camping Dog Bed Options for Big Dogs

Camping Dog Bed Options for Big Dogs

When it’s time to head into the great outdoors, there’s no better companion than your dog.  Why not get him a great camping dog bed?

They can provide warmth on cool nights or companionship on hiking adventures, and they often enjoy hanging out by the fire after dark. Just as you pack comfortable bedding that keeps your body warm and well supported through the night, your dog needs a camping bed. These beds are designed to protect dogs from the chill of the ground while providing some support and comfort for tired muscles and joints.

Recommended Camping Dog Beds for Large Dogs:

A camping dog bed should also be lightweight and easy to carry, especially if you’re planning to backpack to a more remote camping site. To give you an idea of what’s on the market right now, look through this list of our most recommended options:

  • Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed – This elevated bed will keep your dog seven inches from the ground, which offers greater protection from ticks and cold weather. The tradeoff is a bulkier, heavier bed that isn’t suitable for hiking and more vigorous outdoor adventures. If you have the room to pack it into the car and can then move it directly to your campsite, an elevated bed will offer the most support for your big dog.
  • Carlson Pet Products Portable Pup Pet Bed – This is another elevated dog bed, but it has a more convenient folding frame. It also comes with a carry case, so it’s much like packing up a portable chair for humans. It is still too heavy for extensive hiking, but it’s a more compact, lightweight option if you’re camping at one site and want to maximize support and comfort for your pup.
  • Ruffwear Highlands Backpacking Bed for Dogs – It weighs less than 13 ounces and compresses into a small package for portability. While this dog bed doesn’t offer much padding and rests on the ground like a blanket, it is insulated and is designed to dry quickly. If hiking or camping in cool weather, you may want to purchase the pad that inserts into this bed. The pads aren’t as easy to find online, but they do offer some added warmth and support.
  • Ruffwear Mt Bachelor Pad for Dogs – This is another lightweight dog bed that won’t weigh you down, but it’s designed with a one-inch pad for greater support. It doesn’t compress into a small package like the Highlands bed, but it rolls up easily. You can carry it just as you would a rolled sleeping bag. It also has a carry handle when rolled, so you can throw it over your shoulder and get moving.

Which camping dog bed is best for your canine will depend on where you’re going and the personal needs of your pet. Keep in mind that your dog may need additional supplies if you’re camping in cold weather or needs extra support for arthritis or other medical conditions. Raised cots will maximize protection from the ground while offering the most support, but they’re also bulkier and much heavier than a portable dog bed designed for camping and backpacking.  

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