Best Dog Car Bed for Large Dog Breeds

Best Dog Car Bed for Large Dog Breeds

A dog car bed will keep your canine friend more comfortable whether you’re riding across town to the dog park or you’re heading out on a long road trip. These beds will also protect your seats or floorboard from dog hair, dirt, and other debris that comes naturally with a large dog. The best large car beds are easy to install and take out, so you can clean them up quickly and get them back into your car when needed.

Best Dog Car Bed Options:

Before you try to make your dog’s everyday bed fit the larger space of your backseat, van or SUV, consider these large dog beds that were designed for use in the car. This will extend the life of your everyday bed while suiting the needs of a dog while on the road.

Backseat Barker: SUV Edition
  • Backseat Barker: SUV Edition – Check out the luxury of this supportive, comforting dog car bed designed for the back of your SUV. It may also fit into the back of your van, but check the measurements first. This bed features pillow wings that will lift up as needed to fit perfectly into the back of your vehicle. This is a unique design that will protect your dog from all sides. The bed is made from support foam topped with memory foam, so your dog will get more support than is possible with some other types of car dog beds.
  • NAC&ZAC Hammock Pet Car Seat Cover with Seat Anchors – This is a seat cover designed to protect your vehicle, but it can serve as a cozy bed for your dog. It connects to your seat and features anti-slip material to ensure that it stays in place, and it acts like a big hammock that keeps your dog in place as well. You can use the seatbelts as needed, and the side flaps allow for complete coverage of the seat. This is a machine-washable product designed to last a lifetime.
  • K&H Manufacturing Travel SUV Bed – This is a plush dog car bed designed to fit into the back of an SUV, but it may also work for some vans. The edges are waterproof, and the bed comes with a one-year warranty. You may want to put a cover beneath the bed for added protection of your floorboard.
  • Transpawt Luxury Dog Car Seat Covers – This is another hammock-style seat cover that serve as a bed for any large dog. It’s designed to go in the back of most cars, SUVS, vans or trucks, so it’s one of your more versatile options. The material is waterproof and resistant to rips and tears, and it’s designed for comfort. The side flaps allow your dog to jump in and out without getting the sides of your seat dirty.
  • Dogbed4less SUV-Sized Memory Foam Bed – If you want the comfort of memory foam in a bed that is easier to transport, this is the closest that you will find to your dog’s everyday bed. It’s a simple piece of solid memory foam covered with soft fleece fabric, and the xx-large size is designed to fit into the back of an SUV. You may also find that it fits into the back of your van, but consider the measurements: 54" X 37".

If you travel with your dog frequently, a car dog bed is essential. If your dog is easily excitable, the comfort of the bed may help keep them calm and less anxious. Your dog will come to recognize their space within the car, and that may reduce their attempts to jump into the front seat or just jump around in a distracting manner. Of course, keeping the seats and floorboards of your vehicle clean and free of dog odor more than justifies this investment.  

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