Extra Large Dog Beds – Tips and Recommendations 

Extra Large Dog Beds – Tips and Recommendations

When you welcome an extra-large dog into your home, finding extra large dog beds becomes an important issue. You want to purchase a bed that your dog will want to spend time in, and that bedding must provide adequate support for your dog’s joints. It’s not much different from setting up a crib when you bring a new baby home, but you want to match your dog bed to your dog’s personality, size, and weight. Keep reading for some tips that will make the shopping and buying process easier.

Memory Foam Doesn’t Ensure Longevity

Many extra-large dog beds are made from thick layers of memory foam. This is one of the best materials for a dog bed because the foam is designed to expand back to its natural thickness and form between uses. As long as high-quality foam of adequate density is used, you can expect this type of dog bed to hold up to your dog’s weight in the long term.

The difference between a cheap dog bed that comes in a larger size and a specialty dog bed designed for big, heavy dogs is often the quality of the foam. While the lower prices featured on the non-specialized dog bed may tempt you, understand that you will have to replace those cheap dog beds more often. It’s to your advantage to shop around for a reasonable price on a specialty dog bed that will last longer.

Added Features of Extra Large Dog Beds 

There are thousands of dog beds on the market, and many have added features that allow them to stand out in the crowded marketplace. For instance, some dog beds may come with built-in headrests or pillows while others have overhead pouches designed to keep short-haired dogs warm. Before you buy into these added features, think about whether your dog will actually use them. It often comes down to the sleep patterns and personality of your dog.

Baby Beds for Big Dogs – Something to Consider

If you can’t find an extra-large dog bed that fits your dog’s needs, consider picking out a crib mattress instead. These mattresses are designed for humans, but they have the thickness and support system that may large dogs need. You can cover the mattress with a sheet or other bedding materials that your dog finds comforting.

Other creative options include air mattresses and sleeping cots. Just make sure that your dog’s nails are trimmed so that they won’t pop an air mattress. You should also check the maximum weight limit and ensure that the materials are safe for your dog.

Buying Your Extra Large Dog Beds

While you should consider your maximum spending limit, try not to focus too much on price when selecting your dog bed. It’s tempting to go for the cheapest bed that you can find, but cheap dog beds are typically made from cheap materials. If you have a large, heavy dog, those cheap materials are going to flatten out quickly, which means that the bed will fail to support your dog’s body.

You’ll end up spending more money replacing the extra large dog bed over and over than you would have spent buying a higher-quality bed from the start. It’s the same as purchasing a mattress for yourself or a child. It’s important to do your research and shop for quality rather than the lowest price. This doesn’t that you have to purchase the highest-priced dog bed, and there are always sales prices to reduce your investment significantly.

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