Top Dog Travel Bed Options for Large Dogs

Top Dog Travel Bed Options for Large Dogs

Large dogs love to travel, but it is not always easy to find a dog travel bed for an extra-large dog.  In fact, it’s not always easy to find portable, lightweight bedding suitable for adventures away from home no matter what kind of dog that you have.

You want to keep your dog comfortable while ensuring that they have the body support needed for long-term safety and optimum health. You also have to consider your dog’s ability to maintain a comfortable body temperature, especially if they tend to overheat in the summer or when lounging on fleece or micro-suede fabrics.

Best Dog Travel Bed Options:

If you haven’t yet found the perfect dog travel bedding, consider these highly recommended options:

  • Carlson Pet Products Elevated Folding Pet Bed: This is an elevated cot that weighs about seven pounds. It was designed to fold up quickly and comes with a carry case for easy portability. Use this as a simple travel cot or add a thicker dog bed for added height and comfort. It will safely hold dogs up to 95 pounds.
  • K&H Manufacturing Travel/SUV Bed: This plush dog bed was designed to fill the back of an SUV or van while traveling, but it could also work in a truck bed or inside a tent. The bottom is designed with some traction to prevent the bed from shifting while driving, and you can even buy seat covers and other accessories to coordinate with the bed. This is the ultimate luxury for the lucky dog who enjoys long road trips.
  • IMK9 Dog Car Travel Bed: You can fold this bed out in the back of a van or SUV, but it isn’t quite as thick and plush as the K&H travel bed featured on this list. It has a waterproof bottom and a soft material on top, so you can use it in the car, at home, inside a tent, or on the ground at a park or recreation area. This is an affordable option to keep your dog cozy on road trips or simple trips to the park.
  • Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Travel Bed: This dog bed rolls up for easy transport and rolls out into a large, flat surface with some padding for comfort. It’s the simplest type of travel dog bed on the market, and your large dog may fit comfortably on the medium or large bed size.
  • Pet Gear Designer Booster Pet Bed: Young children are placed in booster seats when riding in a vehicle, so why not do the same for your dog? This extra-large pet booster seat serves as a comfortable bed with raised sides outside of the car while functioning as a safe booster seat when traveling. The booster attaches to the backside of the front seat, holding it securely in case of an accident or sharp turns.
  • Petsfit Indoor/Outdoor Portable, Foldable Home: You get a bit more than a dog bed with this product. It’s a collapsible dog kennel made from soft materials that will give your dog some privacy when they need to nap or just want to retreat from the action of your travel spot for a bit. You can also use it to contain your dog for short periods of time. It only takes seconds to set it up or break it down for travel.

Keep your dog’s personality and personal habits in mind when selecting a dog bed for travel. Water resistance and durability are also important if you plan on using this bed while camping, hiking, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors.

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